WPS delivers seamless parking solution

WPS has developed an exciting new platform that brings together existing and new equipment, both its own and third party, software applications and operator services. The platform can deliver a seamless parking solution, to help solve various challenges faced by businesses who rely on efficient parking to help increase customer satisfaction.
March 30, 2022
Paul van den Booguard
Paul van den Booguard

WPS says that with this more open and adaptive approach, it is removing the need to replace perfectly functioning proprietary equipment, whilst continuously improving both the parking and operator experience.

The new platform is supported by a broad partner marketplace and offers a flexible, scalable, and more economical approach to parking management.

Up until now, the only way to remove complexity and increase customer experience was to dispose of the existing parking solution all together, and invest in a new, proprietary parking solution.

But this has now changed. WPS’s new approach makes better use of the ‘cloud’, extending the lifecycle of a user’s current hardware, add or remove equipment to their parking operation, based on their customer’s wishes. The result is improved the operator-experience, delivering a smarter, more convenient solution to complex journeys.

The scalable platform makes use of an approved partner marketplace delivering a wide range of software applications and operator services to help deliver specific customer journeys.

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