360ns offers security at the traffic cabinet

In today’s connected world, ITS plays a vital role managing critical infrastructure including roadways, interstates, intersections, ports, mass transit lines, city traffic and urban mobility.
December 8, 2021
Steve Bowles of 360ns
Steve Bowles of 360ns

As connected infrastructure (Internet of Things), roadways (Vehicle to Infrastructure/Vehicle to Vehicle) and connected and autonomous vehicles (C/AV) have become a reality, cybersecuring our infrastructure and protecting the safety of our citizens is critical - yet continues to be overlooked and undervalued.

At 360ns, we looked at this problem and came up with a solution three years ago to bring card access control to traffic cabinets. The system we developed encompassed an Axis A1601 door controller, smart key override and access-control software as the solution.

Since the beginning, we have updated the lock and controller and have built the door controller into the lock so that there is no additional space needed inside the cabinet. The SL8000 is the primary lock and controller, with the primary lock connecting to up to four more SL8000 secondary locks. The SL8000 uses Flex-Connect and is Ethernet-, Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-capable.

There is no modification to the cabinet needed or additional equipment placed inside the cabinet. The old locks are removed and the new ones installed.

The key to securing the edge is to know who has access, key holder management and when was the cabinet entered and by who. Was the door left open or is the lock not secured completely? The most important is key holder management and removing the #2 Corbin key out of the mix to give you full control and security of your traffic cabinets.

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