Cubic's Scout revitalises intersections

If your intersection needs more than a fresh coat of paint to keep up with today's infrastructure demands, keep reading. Outdated technology at the intersection can cause headaches for technicians and travellers alike, resulting in dangerous travel scenarios and tedious signal timing plans.
December 9, 2021
Jeff Price (left), Audrey Denis and Andy Taylor of Cubic
Jeff Price (left), Audrey Denis and Andy Taylor of Cubic

Scout by Cubic Transportation Systems offers modern controller software that integrates with existing 2070, 980 ATC and Commander controllers to extend the life and value of equipment. The newest release of Scout includes unrivalled benefits like improved ring logic, the addition of free rings, and overlap updates to help you revitalise your intersection and keep your city moving.

Other major benefits provided by Scout include increased phases, rings and overlaps to give total freedom to signal day plans; free rings provide more options to optimise signalised intersections with sign outputs, right turns with conflicting pedestrian movements, and isolated pedestrian crossings not at the intersection; and mitigate yellow traps with new flashing yellow termination options.

There are other features, including the ability to optimise intersections with heavy pedestrian traffic using new independent pedestrian overlaps; improve public transit safety and notify light rail operators; and gain even more flexibility with signal plans by customising outputs to enable or disable overlaps independently.

The newest release of Cubic Transportation System's Scout software is now available.

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