Camera lowering tech from MG Squared

When Vanderbilt University needed a camera lowering device that could consistently deliver a high-quality constant Ethernet signal simultaneously to six – 4K resolution – PTZ cameras, MG Squared was the top of the class. Additionally, when Vanderbilt University needed a custom, heavy-duty lowering device mount that would strategically secure and position six cameras on a single lowering device, MG Squared’s team, led by Jeffrey Watson, brought to life “The Beetle”.
December 7, 2021
MG Squared1


Throughout 2020, Tennessee DOT & Vanderbilt continued to press forward with one of the most exclusive wide-scale traffic measurement projects to date.  After a successful proof of concept in the initial installation of a three-pole, three-lowering device, nine-camera pilot project in late 2020, MG Squared now has a contract in place to provide 46 additional custom lowering devices. Everything about Tennessee DOT’s I-24 Motion open road testbed is innovation in practice.  This project, which is in a class of its own, will eventually provide unprecedented data about traffic.  Attendees at this year’s ITS America Annual Meeting have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the details of this project when William Barbour of Vanderbilt University speaks tomorrow (Wednesday) in a session from 09:30 - 10:30 in room 216A, East Wing.  The title of the session is “The Future of Traffic Management in a Connected Automated World.”  Barbour will explain, among other things, how the MG Squared CLD and six-camera Beetle mount atop 110ft, 125ft &135ft poles stretch across six miles of the eight-lane freeway to “produce continuous streams of traffic data in the form of 200 million vehicle-miles of trajectories annually.”

MG Squared is urging attendees not to miss the session tomorrow and to be sure to visit the company’s booth for a hands-on demonstration of this lowering device technology.

Booth 1618

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