Flashy flares from Pi-lit

Why pay for single use emergency flares when there are Pi-lit mobile sequential flares? The second-generation rechargeable flares can operate up to 20 hours’ continuous flashing and can be placed in any configuration to ensure safety in the most dangerous situations
December 8, 2021
Jim Selevan of Pi-lit
Jim Selevan of Pi-lit

With the press of a button on one of the flares, the entire line will “talk to each other” and fire off in the desired sequence. They can be placed around a broken-down vehicle or attached to the rear of an emergency vehicle to divert traffic around the situation. Importantly, the sequence can be reversed if necessary to improve safety in the area.

The flare units are also crush-proof as tested by an independent lab up to 30,000 pounds. They can be placed flat or on their sides and each unit will flash in the correct direction. Furthermore, they can be placed inside a traffic cone to increase the cone’s visibility at night.

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