A happy Friday from iNet!

Wouldn’t it be nice if sitting in traffic for an hour on a Friday after work didn’t have to be your reality? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little more of your weekend back?
December 8, 2021
Daniel Lukasik of Parsons
Daniel Lukasik of Parsons

As Parsons points out, gridlock happens in cities everywhere, and it’s a big reason why iNet—short for Intelligent Neworks—is such a successful product. And iNet’s not just here to save your Friday evening plans; helping traffic move more efficiently produces safety and sustainability benefits too.

How does iNet accomplish that exactly? By communicating with 115,000 sensors, 24/7, every thirty seconds, and then recommending an action to the department of transportation, or an emergency responder, or the police department, or the public when it detects an issue, such as a serious accident. Parsons points to the numbers. Accidents are reduced by 40%, meaning the number of injuries and deaths are reduced by 40%. Travel time is reduced by up to 15%, so traffic flow is increased by up to 22%. Overall freeway delay is reduced by up to 30%, and throughput is increased by up to 28%. The incident arrival time of emergency responders is faster by 15% and carbon monoxide and other emissions-related pollutants are reduced by up to 30%.

As Parsons says, with iNet, your stress levels will go down; you’ll breathe easier - in more ways than one; and you’ll avoid dangerous traffic situations. And most important, you’ll have more of your weekend back. Happy Friday!

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