Image Sensing Systems shows right way

At ITS America 2021 in Charlotte, Image Sensing Systems (ISS) is showing off its next-generation wrong-way alerting solution that includes Alert Trust.
December 8, 2021
ITS America4


Every wrong-way driving event starts with a mistake that can result in a severe or fatal accident. How these events are resolved no longer needs to be left up to chance, ISS insists.

The company believes it provides a solution which

goes beyond traditional detection of the wrong-way driver and offers transportation agencies deeper insights that can help in developing effective strategies and resolutions to this challenging problem.

It starts with analytics and data that allows agencies to make preemptive decisions to improve driver behaviour before an event happens.

If a wrong-way incident occurs, an extra layer of alert validation is deployed, ensuring the information the agency receives is valid, provides insight, and a resolution path. “Our goal is to put you, the agency responsible for roadway safety, in control of how wrong-way driving events are resolved,” said Seth Anderson, ISS senior product manager. “Working closely with partner agencies, we’ve developed a knowledge base of deployment challenges and have designed a solution that empowers the agency to act. We want to remove the uncertainty that prevents agencies from deploying wrong-way detection systems and provide a path forward that can save hundreds of lives every year.”

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