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Citilog says that its AI-based Automated Incident Detection reduces incident awareness from minutes to seconds to boost situational awareness.
December 7, 2021
ITS America3


Citilog is showcasing its Automated Incident Detection at the stand of Sensys Networks’, a partner company under the TagMaster corporate umbrella.

Because Citilog is focused on high-impact problems, rather than relying on manually monitoring video feeds or reports from drivers, the company’s Automated Incident Detection detects a range of events by leveraging deep learning to enhance the accuracy of video analytics.

The system is “trained” with a large dataset of real-world traffic video clips to identify vehicles and pedestrians. It then sets them apart from shadows and reflections to reduce false positives, resulting in unparalleled accuracy.

One of many US customers, the New York State Bridge Authority has been using Citilog since 2016 to improve situational awareness.

Instead of discovering traffic incidents several minutes after they occur, their Automated Incident Detection system sends an alert within seconds. They can then dispatch emergency services and crews to assist with disabled vehicles and debris clean-up or inform drivers via VMS of slowdowns or alternate routes.

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