MG Squared shines with breakthrough innovation

MG Squared has two innovations here in Charlotte: an Ethernet connector that consistently delivers high-quality multi-GigaBit Ethernet signals simultaneously to as many as six, 4K resolution, PTZ cameras; and a newly developed custom six-camera mount called The Beetle.
December 8, 2021
Will Barbour of Vanderbilt University
Will Barbour of Vanderbilt University

MG Squared’s developments are the response to Vanderbilt University’s desire to utilise six AXIS 4K cameras on a single lowering device. They deliver a continuous field of view with continuous streams of traffic data over six miles of interstate outside of Nashville. Known as I-24 Motion, 49 poles ranging from 110ft to 135ft are equipped with MG2 lowering devices and 294 cameras to allow TDOT quick and efficient ground level maintenance access to all cameras without the need for a lane closure. “Our team of innovators introduced the world’s first lowering device specifically designed for PTZ surveillance cameras in 1996," MG Squared’s Martin Maners points out. “This year, we are debuting the only individual lowering device proven capable of simultaneously providing multi-GigaBit Ethernet connectivity to six – 4K PTZ cameras all mounted on a single lowering device.”

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