Save time with Citian

Have you spent years slogging through transportation databases only to find them full of unreliable data and no clear analysis or plan of action? Over the past 27 years, Citian engineers and developers have created mature software tools that address data quality concerns plaguing traffic crash data, ADA Transition Plans and asset inventories.
December 7, 2021
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Citian will be showing delegates at the Annual Meeting how it can save government engineers time and money with easy-to-use reporting and analysis. The company can streamline compliance with programmes and policies like HSIP, ADA and MMUCC. Citian’s mature products, CRASH and ADAPT focus on improving traffic crash safety and pedestrian accessibility/ADA compliance.

CRASH and ADAPT start by producing high-quality, consistent data and then apply computer algorithms that emulate Citian’s engineering know-how to produce sophisticated visuals, diagrams, dashboards, and standard and custom reports.

CRASH and ADAPT provide network-level screening and data-driven recommendations to focus government funds on high benefit-cost opportunities, ensuring prudent expenditure of public money.

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