Vaisala has launched Wx Road Insights

Not everyone wants to - or can - manage a modern road network maintenance solution on their own. This is why Vaisala has created Wx Road Insights, a Data as a Service (DaaS) framework that minimises agencies’ infrastructure responsibilities while providing access to data they need to support decision-making.
December 7, 2021
Photo courtesy of David Arminas
Photo courtesy of David Arminas

Vaisala, exhibiting here in Charlotte, points out that agencies often rely on local media, national weather services and other forecast sources to plan and react to winter events.

But a greater level of detail and reliability is often needed to optimise road maintenance operations, which means it can be a struggle to turn forecast and observation data into actionable road-level insights.

With Wx Road Insights, Vaisala retains ownership and life-cycle management of the observation sensor network.

Road agencies pay a fixed monthly or annual fee in order to access continuous data from the measurement points, without the burden of ownership and maintenance.

Typical observation nodes include surface condition, temperature and grip.

Customers receive access to Vaisala’s Wx Horizon weather impact visualisation, while an enhanced subscription gives further access to network-wide assessment and forecast information. The company suggests this is especially helpful for smaller agency teams or those with complicated road network characteristics.

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