Hikvision is model for smarter cities

As city populations grow, so does car ownership - and so does the burden on urban traffic systems. What these built-up areas need is intelligent traffic systems – and Hikvision says it can help by removing bottlenecks that have long troubled authorities and drivers to keep traffic flowing and help people get where they need to be in a smarter and smoother way.
March 31, 2022
Tony Zhang
Tony Zhang

The company’s basic Intelligent Traffic System solution rests on specific data to enable five pillars of action: speed detection, intersection monitoring, illegal parking, event detection and traffic flow optimisation.

On its stand, Hikvision has set up a model of city streets surrounded by vision equipment. The company is showing its wide product range, including one of the newest additions, the All-Rounder Traffic Incident Detection camera.

“We want our customers to know that our products can provide these solutions,” says Tony Zhang at Hikvision. “We have cameras for ANPR, parking and violation detection.”

There is also a tunnel on the model to illustrate Hikvision’s incident detection abilities, with ANPR cameras at each end and AI systems capability.

To optimise traffic flow, smart traffic signal control can greatly ease congestion. These systems can collect traffic information at crucial intersections and on highways to provide video-based vehicle detection services, including detection and statistics of traffic flow, average speeds, space and vehicle progress, vehicle type and queue length.

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