Hikvision boosts road safety with smart detection of traffic violations

Traffic violations cause negative outcomes, from accident and injury to road blockages that cause long and frustrating delays for other road users. Hikvision explains how its detection solution mitigates these outcomes…
December 20, 2022


Road safety laws exist to reduce the risk of accidents and resulting injuries. However, dangerous driving behaviours continue to occur. These include breaking speed limits, changing lanes illegally, or parking improperly on busy roads – putting drivers and other road users at risk.

To help traffic authorities improve compliance with road safety laws, and to keep road users as safe as possible, Hikvision has developed an intelligent traffic Violation Detection Solution as part of its Traffic Solution portfolio.

To ensure that more drivers pay attention, and respect road safety laws, city and highway authorities need smart technology solutions that detect and prevent bad driving. Hikvision’s intelligent traffic Violation Detection Solution can help with this.

Smart traffic violation detection

The solution incorporates Hikvision smart traffic cameras, radar sensors, traffic light signal detectors, traffic servers, and control room infrastructure to provide a real-time view of traffic incidents across the road network. They work to support four important road safety capabilities.

Picture 1Violation detection at intersections
Using Hikvision Intersection Violation cameras, radar units, supplemental lights and traffic light signal detectors, authorities can detect a wide range of traffic violations, from vehicles running red lights, to speeding and incorrect use of lanes. Real-time alerts enable faster incident responses, improved public safety, and efficient penalization of offending drivers.

Hikvision Picture2Yellow box violation detection
Yellow boxes at key crossroads or road segments need to be clear at all times to ensure smooth passing, especially when there is traffic building up, or it’s near important areas like hospitals and schools. Hikvision’s traffic violation solution allows authorities to immediately detect vehicles that drive into and stop in yellow box areas. This ensures that pedestrians can cross intersections safely, and that access to important facilities is always kept clear.

Hikvision Picture3‘Gore area’ violation detection
The term gore area refers to the wedge-shaped road markings that are present on highway exit ramps and where roads merge. Using the Hikvision solution, authorities can detect vehicles that cross this prohibited area, helping to regulate driving behaviour and reduce the risk of vehicle collisions and resulting injuries.

Hikvision Picture4Illegal parking detection
Finally, the Hikvision Violation Detection System helps authorities detect and penalise illegal parking on the road network to reduce obstacles and accident risks. This is achieved with the Hikvision Traffic Network Speed Dome, which incorporates the company’s DarkFighter technology for crystal clear imaging even in very low light conditions and at night.

All of the devices that make up these solutions are connected and managed via the HikCentral management system. This means traffic authorities can achieve their violation management activities more effectively. They can also detect and respond to incidents far more quickly with a centralised view, helping to maximise safety for road users.

To discover more about the Hikvision Violation Detection System and take your traffic violation detection to the next level, please visit www.hikvision.com

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