Intercomp weighs in with innovator

Intercomp, a worldwide manufacturer of fixed and portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, is showcasing some recent innovations including the LTR788 Dual Wheel Load Scale, and the new MicroStrip Sensor. Intercomp utilises highly accurate strain gauge load sensing technology which is widely accepted as the most accurate and reliable means to weigh a vehicle.
March 29, 2022
Clint Bower
Clint Bower

The MicroStrip Sensor offers a cost-effective alternative to piezoelectric sensors for weigh-in-motion (WIM) data-collection with lower ownership costs. It has a lower profile and is more economical than Intercomp’s standard strip sensor. However, it has the same benefit of GaugeSense technology that uses strain gauge load cells for weigh-in-motion calculation, providing better accuracy and greater robustness than piezoelectric sensors.

Bringing new capabilities to wheel load scales, the LTR788 Dual Wheel Load Scale was created for direct measurement of individual tyre loading in a dual-tyre configuration. This enables service inspections of individual tyre ratings and allows tyre anomalies to be detected with a portable digital scale. Tyre loading and tyre conditions impact fuel economy and braking distance, and tyre failure can lead to accidents and debris on roads.

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