Brazil type-approval for Intercomp's HS-WiM sensors

Tested by LabTrans, they were integrated by Fiscal Tech and approved by Inmetro
Enforcement / May 17, 2023
By Adam Hill
HS-WiM Brazil direct enforcement (image: Intercomp)
The sensors demonstrated accurate weight performance for various vehicle configurations (image: Intercomp)

Intercomp Strain Gauge Strip Sensors have been type-approved for direct enforcement in Brazil by the national metrology institute Inmetro.

They were first introduced in the South American country for screening vehicle weights at high speeds and for performance evaluation for future federal regulations.

Research institute LabTrans tested the product while developing proposed legal performance requirements for direct enforcement of overloaded commercial vehicles.

Leonardo Guerson, Intercomp WiM product manager and application engineer, says: “Our technology has been proven to provide the accuracy, stability and longevity required for HS-WiM weight enforcement systems.”

In partnership with WiM systems integrator Fiscal Tech, 40 lanes of HS-WiM equipment have been installed in roadways as test sites to allow for data collection and studies to consolidate the first step toward direct weight enforcement in Brazil.

Intercomp says the performance of Strip Sensors at these sites demonstrated accurate weight performance for various vehicle configurations and the consistent accuracy required for future direct enforcement applications.

The HS-WiM system was certified for Class 2B, which means ±3.5% for Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and ±8% for axle/axle group weight measurements (on initial verification).

The national requirements for certification of the HS-WiM systems were developed based on OIML recommendations.

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