Lindsay innovations at the double

Lindsay is highlighting two main innovations: the new RoadConnect platform and the company’s globally successful Road Zipper moveable barrier technology.
March 29, 2022
Carlos Martinez Barbachano of Lindsay
Carlos Martinez Barbachano of Lindsay

The RoadConnect platform, being shown here for the first time, gives users the ability to remotely monitor and manage key road and highway assets such as crash cushions, light poles, bridge structures, and more. It can help to increase the speed and reliability of roadside maintenance and save time and money while also improving road safety.  

RoadConnect offers a variety of roadside asset management solutions, including ImpactAlert, providing remote impact detection, so users will know right away when an asset has been impacted. The Light Guard Pulse lighting system monitoring and control module is also incorporated, enabling remote control of lighting schedules for energy savings and uniformity while also helping decrease labour costs associated with repairs.  

Meanwhile, the success of Road Zipper continues. It is the innovative solution for both permanent and temporary applications to deliver proven, positive protection of motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and road workers, as well as improving traffic flow and mitigating congestion. In Europe alone, Lindsay has implemented more than 15 projects in recent years in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. Visitors to the Lindsay stand can pick up case studies on some of the installations detailing safety, operational and cost benefits.

In addition to RoadConnect and Road Zipper, Lindsay has specialists on site to discuss other road safety and road marking products including its family of EN 1317 tested barrier systems, crash cushions like TAU Tube, S-A-B Gate, WALT System and DR46 – motorcycle protection and Snoline road marking temporary tapes.

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