Reimagine safety and mobility with Lindsay Road Zipper

Lindsay is inviting visitors to see its flagship product, the Road Zipper System, as well as its line of road safety products.
March 6, 2024
Reimagine safety and mobility with Lindsay Road Zipper


The Road Zipper System provides a smarter, safer, and faster way to manage congestion and improve the way people move on the road. Compared to channelising devices lane closures, the Road Zipper provides positive protection and additional safety measures, while still allowing the flexibility of quick lane reconfiguration. Additionally, as compared to static barrier lane closures, Road Zipper-based lane closures reduce the risk of traffic queues during peak travel times and provide increased workspace for contractors, when needed.

The Road Zipper-based maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) solution combined with accelerated construction methods in tunnel and bridge work zones minimises mobility and safety concerns by reducing project staging and duration. The Road Zipper System is a crash-tested alternative for flexible lane management (or dynamic reconfiguration of travel lanes), which enhances safety measures for both motorists and construction workers.

Lindsay says the Road Zipper is the only seamless solution that provides crashworthy safety protection with on-demand mobility, resulting in improved road safety, optimised traffic flow, maximised highway capacity and better construction efficiency. This moveable barrier technology is a proactive and strategic approach that can be used for managed lanes, bridge and tunnel work zones, and other construction work zones.

In addition to the Road Zipper, Lindsay will also be showcasing its innovative line of road safety products, including crash cushions, road marking tape and accessories, and RoadConnect, the company’s remote roadside asset management platform.

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