Parifex shows automated enforcement of multiple road traffic offences with Nomad

Parifex is a globally recognised pioneer in the design and manufacture of fixed and mobile speed cameras based on 3D Lidar technology. A good example is Nomad, one of its systems being showcased here.
April 16, 2024
Nomad system
Nomad system

Thanks to its sensor, which combines the performance and modularity of 3D Lidar and camera, Nomad makes enforcement easier. In France, running red lights accounted for almost 500,000 offences in 2020, so the need for Nomad is clear if junctions are going to be made safer.  

The Parifex Nomad is a stationary system designed for simultaneous and automated enforcement of speeding and red-light running in both directions of traffic. It offers high-performance enforcement of road traffic offences such as control ticketing of up to five vehicles per second and per lane, on four lanes, at speeds from 30 to 250 km/h and at traffic lights. A wide range of additional functionalities can be embedded in this multi-function cabinet according to user requirements.  

A non-intrusive system, it is easy to install, with no need for heavy civil engineering work or connection to traffic lights thanks to the detection of traffic light state by camera. Moreover, its streamlined cabinet withstands the elements and vandalism, adapts to any environment and can be fixed to a mast or existing street furniture.

Finally, the Nomad is equipped with a decoy function and can be easily moved from one cabinet to another in order to strengthen the deterrent and educational effect on users.  

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