Q-Free shows Intrada Image Review portfolio at Intertraffic

Here is your chance to experience Q-Free’s Intrada Image Review portfolio. The company is showcasing its industry-leading automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR) and the Intrada Insight back-office solution for end-to-end toll transaction processing. Q-Free solutions enhance efficiency and accuracy not only for large-scale tolling and enforcement operations but also for parking and access control systems.
April 16, 2024
Marco Sinnema
Marco Sinnema

Intrada ALPR guarantees precise identification of licence plates, vehicle shapes, and models, seamlessly handling from a few images to millions of daily transactions. With exceptional capture and read rates, alongside minimal error rates, Intrada ALPR optimises operational expenses, yielding immediate return on investments.

Supported by continuous up-to-date support for licence plates from over 200 countries and states, and compatibility with any processing platform, the adoption of Intrada technology facilitates deployment for any ALPR-enabled product or solution worldwide.

Intrada Insight serves as Q-Free’s all-in-one solution for back-office toll transaction processing, with harmonised automatic and manual image review. Raw toll passage data undergoes processing through sophisticated AI-enabled workflows into accurately identified transactions ready for billing and enforcement. Compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR, ISO 27001, and NIST SP 800-53 underlines Q-Free’s leadership role in ensuring data security within the traffic industry.

With references from all over the world and millions of transactions processed daily at unprecedented automation rates and world-leading accuracy standards, tolling agencies achieve optimal revenue generation at the lowest operating expense on the market.

Along with an invitation to explore the benefits of ALPR and end-to-end toll transaction processing, here’s another one.  Join in celebrating Q-Free´s 40th anniversary at 15:15 on Wednesday, 17 April.

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