Step forward the Intertraffic Awards winners

Two of the winners of the Intertraffic Awards cut out the noise – literally – to take the trophies. Announced at the Opening Ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam, Italian company See won the Green Globe Award for its highly innovative Whisper NB-Eco-40-A3 acoustic panels. Meanwhile, UK-based Intelligent Instruments won for its Sound Vue noise-enforcement camera system in the User Experience category.
April 17, 2024
Step forward the Intertraffic Awards winners

The coveted Inspiration Award was won by another British company, Valerann, which impressed the jury with its advanced real-time data analytics platform – Lanternn by Valerann.  

Chairman of the awards jury Pieter Litjens, director of mobility knowledge institute Crow, revealed the three winners, chosen from the shortlist of 15 nominees.  

Whisper acoustic panels won due to its low-CO2 production method and ease of installation, “and last for at least 50 years”.

Sound Vue uses a combination of video, AI and ANPR to detect and fine vehicles that break legal noise levels. The jury felt this “represents a new trend in enforcement”.

And while Lanternn by Valerann takes familiar concepts in traffic optimisation, “it enables a new level of real-time reactions, that the jury believes will inspire urban mobility management for years to come”. 

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