Bosch’s VaaA solutions

Bosch is demonstrating how its Video as a Sensor (VaaS) technology integrates seamlessly with partners' devices to provide end-to-end real-time safety solutions for ITS.
December 9, 2021
Joel White of Bosch
Joel White of Bosch

At the booth, Bosch video sensors with built-in Traffic Detector software will detect heavy traffic on a highway as well as congestion on an interchange. Traffic Detector software improves detection capabilities in congested scenes, enabling accurate counting of overlapping vehicles queued in front of traffic lights or in dense traffic jams. It also ignores possible disturbances caused by vehicle headlights or shadows, extreme weather, and sun reflections.

When congestion is detected, the camera will trigger real-time alerts to integrated partner devices. Direct integration with MH Corbin and Yunex Traffic devices enables a variety of CAV use cases using V2X communications. The Bosch integrated detection solution is a collective perception system that broadcasts safety messages to on-board units in connected vehicles.

The Bosch video sensors will also classify objects in the traffic scene as motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses, and feed the data that includes vehicle counts by lane, class, direction and speed into dashboards. The Bosch ITS Data Service dashboards display the information in an easily consumable and actionable format for informed decision-making. The Data Service can also be accessed directly using an API, allowing the rich data repository to be brought into existing reporting solutions.

Booth: 1007

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