Bosch takes video analytics to the edge

Bosch video sensors with edge-based analytics for ITS – demonstrated at booth 841 – include Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Pro Traffic to detect, classify, and count pedestrians and vehicles, and trigger alerts for safety risks, such as vehicles traveling in the wrong direction. The cameras then trigger alerts to partner devices for V2X communications, broadcasting safety messages to on-board units in connected vehicles for a real-time safety solution.
April 25, 2024
Joel White of Bosch
Joel White of Bosch

Built-in video analytics, based on neural network AI technology, provide precise counting of overlapping vehicles at traffic lights or in traffic jams, while ignoring disturbances caused by headlights, extreme weather, sun glare, vibration, and shake – delivering accurate detection.

The cameras also classify objects as motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, and buses, and feed the data into the new IQsight Data Fusion cloud-based service that transforms unstructured raw video metadata into organized data for users to generate visual insights that support decision-making. The service offers interactive dashboards with actionable information, options for exporting data in common formats, and direct API access for easy integration with common visualization tools for more advanced analysis.

Booth 841 

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