Today's data promises better tomorrow, says Cubic

In today’s tech-driven world, the buzz around artificial intelligence is undeniable and in the ever-evolving discourse among cutting-edge technologies, the need for integration, speed and reliability has never been more vital.
April 24, 2024
Joe Lange of Cubic
Joe Lange of Cubic

So, if you’d like the full story then head for Cubic’s booth to learn how municipalities worldwide are simplifying traffic management with the company’s congestion management technologies to enhance intersection safety and efficiency and to improve roadway planning and simulation. How, through monitoring real-time roadway and intersection conditions, signal timing adjustments can be automated (based on demand) to reduce vehicle stops and improve the driver experience.

Traffic engineers can now quickly respond to congestion or incidents by changing traffic signal timings and communicating the best routes to drivers using technologies such as Synchro Studio v12, ATMS, the Gridsmart solution, Scout controller software and Signal Performance Measures (SPM).  

And now SPM 2.0 provides an innovative approach to cycle-based performance measures, with actionable insights for faster and better-informed decision making. It also leverages interactive diagrams, map-based user interface and customisable reporting to improve operational efficiency.

So, take a trip to Cubic’s booth to hear how its capabilities can enhance traffic management in your communities and view its live demos, too.

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