Cubic & Samsung combine on Umo Platform reader

Umo Handheld Reader pairs Cubic software with Samsung’s off-the-shelf fare collection device
Classification & Data Collection / March 15, 2024
By David Arminas
Fare collection payment public transit © Aleksey Sergeev |
The product is aimed at public transit agencies (© Aleksey Sergeev |

Cubic Transportation Systems has updated its cloud-based Umo Platform with a handheld reader for more accessible, efficient fare collection.

The Umo Handheld Reader pairs Cubic’s software application with Samsung’s off-the-shelf commercial device for easy and seamless electronic fare collection on buses, trains and other types of mobility, explained Mike Barboni, chief product officer for the Umo platform.

Benefits of the Umo Handheld Reader include its accessibility for smaller transit operations with limited budgets. Cubic says this provides seamless integration into existing services while expanding to new vehicles or shuttles for paratransit and on-demand transport services.

Additionally, as transit agencies’ networks evolve and new vehicles are added, the Umo solution can adapt and expand rapidly, meeting changing demands. Finally, with 5G LTE support built in, the reader offers high-speed connectivity, facilitating efficient and speedy data transfers.

“This device offers transit agencies an affordable and convenient solution to accept payments, eliminating the need for costly hardware installations on new vehicles or shuttles,” said Barboni. “Features of a traditional fare card reader, like tap-to-pay technology, can now be accessed from the palm of a hand and easily operated by transit personnel.”

“The Umo platform and Rugged Samsung XCover6 Pro are the perfect combination to increase efficiency, using mobile technology while providing the all-weather durability of our rugged line-up,” said Todd Maxwell, director of business development at Samsung Electronics America.


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