AMG injects power into US PoE market

The need for higher wattage PoE continues to drive innovation throughout the industry. To this end, AMG Systems has introduced the AMG 150 series of PoE power injectors for Power over Ethernet applications requiring up to 90 Watts of operating power.
April 25, 2023
AMG injects power into US PoE market


The latest standard IEEE802.3bt has allowed for simple connectivity via CAT5e/CAT6 cable to provide both data communication along with up to 90W of energy to power a multitude of devices. These include outdoor PTZ cameras with heater/blower capabilities, large multi-sensor cameras, PoE Lighting, Wireless Access Points and even Access Control products.

With multiple products now appearing in the marketplace, the demand for products that can supply that power has grown significantly. In response to that need, AMG brings the AMG150 series to market with the capability to power up to 8 devices.

The AMG150 Series is designed in the US and manufactured in an ISO9001-certified UK facility. It is fully TAA and NDAA compliant and unlike similar products from other Asian countries, can be used in all US government installations.

“Asian-sourced products are available, but we found many potential US customers would rather use higher-quality US- and UK-produced products,” said Steve Clarke, AMG managing director. “The AMG150 Series satisfies the need for such a device.”

The AMG150 features a small form factor and can be Din Rail or Wall mounted. The line is fully hardened and can operate in outdoors and extreme temperatures (40 to +75°C). The AMG150 Series is a true IEEE802.3bt device and can offer 15, 30, 60 and 90W power-to-edge PoE devices with mains internal power and redundant power supply options.

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