Traffic Logix focusing on the middle

After testing its video-based AI traffic counter in emerging markets, Traffic Logix is ready to tackle the US market—focusing on mid-sized cities and municipalities with dynamic traffic data needs.
April 27, 2023
Mark Gregory of Traffic Logix
Mark Gregory of Traffic Logix

The ARGOS counting and classification system provides highly accurate traffic volume and classification counts at intersections—tracking traffic data such as volume, direction, speed and turning counts. The detailed data and traffic counts assist traffic engineers in long-term planning and help police departments make data informed decisions about traffic enforcement.

A modular system that can be deployed in minutes, ARGOS analyses traffic data in the camera rather than having to upload it to the cloud for processing. Combined with its mobility, this edge computing architecture reduces networking and connectivity requirements, making it a more affordable traffic data management option.

“We’re not looking to replace big deployments,” admitted James Weatherall, the company’s executive vice president. “We fill a nice niche in the middle based on our efficient design that is ideal for mid-sized municipalities.”

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