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Clearview was born out of a desire to innovate while making roads safer and more intelligent. The company invented the first automatic traffic counter in the 1970’s and the world’s first solar road stud in the 1980s. Now, as urban expansion creates even greater challenges related to road safety, mobility, population and the environment, Clearview has responded to client needs by continuously improving and innovating its wide range of products and software solutions.
April 27, 2023
Nora Ali of Clearview
Nora Ali of Clearview

Examples include SolarLite, a solar-powered LED road stud for emission-free delineation. It offers drivers 10 times greater visibility of the road ahead than traditional road studs. There are also hard-wired intelligent road studs that provide drivers with advance awareness of the road ahead. Clearview’s Connex Hardware Platform provides real-time vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle classification allowing transport authorities to have up-to-date data for analysis and planning. Meanwhile, Insight – the company’s cutting edge data management platform with integrated computer vision - provides a suite of applications and tools for device management, data collection and analysis. It all helps highways operators develop and improve their transport network.

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