Autotalks launches 5G-V2X chipsets

Israeli company Autotalks is showcasing the industry’s first 5G-V2X chipsets at the ITS America Conference & Expo in Dallas this week. Aimed at the transportation market, the TEKTON3 and SECTON3 chipsets enable cooperative perception—a capability that allows coordination between groups of vehicles as they approach an intersection.
April 27, 2023
Onn Hran of Autotalks
Onn Hran of Autotalks

According to Onn Haran, co-founder and CTO of the company, TEKTON3 is ISO26262 ASIL B functional safety certified—making it the first V2X that can support automatic braking. As use cases grow more advanced, moving from driver notification to automated actions—such as braking—will become more important.

Autotalks is also showing off its new compact V2X device that can be mounted to the handlebars of any bicycle or scooter, alerting cyclists of potential obstacles or other dangers while alerting drivers aware of the cyclists’ presence.

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