Caltrans sends clear message on Swarco McCain CMS

Swarco McCain is highlighting that the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has renewed their partnership for the supply of industry standard-setting changeable message signs (CMS).
April 25, 2023
Jay Swinea of Swarco McCain
Jay Swinea of Swarco McCain

The company’s CMS 800 Series of changeable message signs are exclusively NEMA TS4-compliant and provide pertinent roadside information and warnings to motorists through high-quality, full-colour LED displays. Strategically placed, these signs improve overall traffic flow and commuter safety. Commonly used CMS applications include safety information near airports and major venues, data regarding road closures or detours, direction and availability of carpool lanes or toll roads, advisory phone numbers, and general alerts.  

Dean Campbell, Caltrans chief at the Office of Systems Development explained that the company has been an essential partner in developing a timely replacement for the CMS 700. “Swarco McCain delivered on all the stringent structural, environmental, and controller communications requirements. The CMS 800 signs increase the message contrast and visibility, which helps effectively communicate safety information for all road travellers,” he said.

Among the CMS 800’s enhanced features are Swarco's patented Precision Optics lens technology and integrated surface-mount 3-in-1 RGB LEDs, which provide exceptional visibility. Additionally, the signs offer the lowest meantime before failure and require the lowest maintenance levels of any CMS in the industry, plus their 110/120 VAC, 60 Hz internal power supply means exceptionally low energy consumption and low operational costs.

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