Connected & smarter with Ciena

Cellular Vehicle to Everything - CV2X - technology is quickly evolving to the point where the software applications and compute power must be deployed roadside rather than in distant data centres.
April 25, 2023
Connected & smarter with Ciena


As these applications add latency-sensitive, bandwidth intensive capabilities like artificial intelligence and machine learning, 5G network technology must evolve to support it.

While there are vendors that specialise in either 5G or Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), Ciena claims to be unique in bringing both technologies together to usher in a new era of connected vehicles and smarter roads.

This powerful combination of technologies will be instrumental to departments of transportation seeking to improve work zone safety for vulnerable users. It will enable more efficient traffic management by optimising traffic frequency in real-time, sensor fusion and future “killer apps” that are not yet even on the drawing board.

In addition, managing large volumes of local data traffic versus a centralised cloud enables DOTs to reduce their network bandwidth costs but improve overall application performance.

Drop by the Ciena booth to see a demonstration of its 5G and edge compute solution for C2VX network infrastructure in a test bed case with a large DOT.

Booth 1216

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