D2 seeks to disrupt smart city market in North America

Frustrated by the lack of actual smart city solutions available in the North American market, ITS veteran and entrepreneur Dan Dietrich (pictured) decided to take action. He spent several months bringing the best people from around the industry to research and identify innovative smart city solutions that have delivered real results in markets across Europe and Asia with an eye toward helping bring them to North America. Earlier this year, Dietrich and his team launched his new company, D2 Traffic Technologies—helping companies implement these smart city products in their organisation.
April 27, 2023
D2 seks to disrupt smart city market in North America


“For 15 years we’ve been talking about smart city, but no well-equipped market with actual products has taken hold,” Dietrich said. “We need to define what smart city is and find industry-leading products to bring to market or, in instances where no existing product exists, develop it ourselves.”

D2 is showcasing its first four smart city products at the ITS America Conference & Expo in Dallas this week—including a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle charging station, a vehicle occupancy detection system, a wind and solar lighting and surveillance system and a license plate reader. According to Dietrich, these products are available now to the North American market.

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