Day-to-day safety with Derq

Safety should be a day-to-day operational priority, rather than a post-mortem and occasional analysis effort. To facilitate this, Derq, an award-winning MIT spin-off and leading provider of AI analytics solutions for connected roads and vehicles, has developed a framework called Automated Safety Performance Metrics.
April 25, 2023
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“Think "ATSPMs for safety", says the co-founder of Derq, Karl Jeanbart, who also notes that this automated traffic signal performance measures is an industry-first. Derq’s number one priority remains to help agencies reduce the rapidly increasing number of roadway deaths to ultimately achieve their vision-zero target.

The company’s Automated Safety Performance Monitoring solution helps agencies better understand and improve road safety performance through safety scoring and prioritisation across various networks.

Embedded into Derq’s dashboard-based INSIGHT suite, this automated safety performance scoring framework draws from the safety and traffic insights the platform collects and generates on a continuous real-time basis. Derq’s automated safety performance monitoring tool fills a key gap in the transportation industry. It accurately detects, tracks and predicts safety events and road user behaviours in real-time such as crashes, near-misses, violations and pedestrian and cyclist compliance issues. This enables agencies to proactively prioritise issue identification and countermeasure development as well as measure their effectiveness with short turnarounds.

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