Denso shares connected services vision

From blockchain to V2X, Denso is here with demonstrations showing how it supports a connected world for cleaner, safer, and more efficient mobility.
April 26, 2023
Shinnosuke Tanaka of Denso
Shinnosuke Tanaka of Denso

For instance, one demonstration will outline how Denso is using blockchain technology and advanced QR codes to increase the carbon footprint traceability of vehicle batteries. This helps build trust and reliability in supply chains and contributes to greater sustainability as electric vehicles proliferate.

Another demo, run by Denso Products and Services Americas, the company's aftermarket unit, showcases how the company’s V2X on-board unit and road-side unit products can help address an array of mobility issues. These range from traffic congestion to pedestrian safety, collision avoidance, emergency vehicle prioritisation and more.

"Denso has two great causes: Green - achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, and Peace of Mind - creating a safe and seamless world for all," said Roger Berg, VP of North America R&D at Denso. "ITS America Conference & Expo is a great opportunity to not only share how we're implementing connected technology to meet these goals, but also to meet potential partners with similar priorities who can help accelerate our journey."

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