Flow Labs finds the funds

If success is defined by demand, Flow Labs says the company is on its way. The “find issues, fix problems, fund projects” company has three speaking slots throughout the week at the ITS America Congress & Expo. It will also unveil a low-cost pedestrian safety module in the Education Theatre on Wednesday.
April 26, 2023
Flow Labs finds the funds
Flow Labs finds the funds

Flow Labs’ hardware-free AI platform analyses, monitors and optimises traffic flow at an intersection or across a city in seconds. Flow Labs says it reduces crash risk by 51%, travel times by 24%, and emissions by 21%.

Importantly, the reductions are data driven because Flow Labs says it has the best signal, sensor and connected vehicle data transportation. The platform collects 10 times the data of detectors, is 94% accurate and costs 1/300th the price of traditional solutions.

The company’s platform captures intersection data and identifies dangerous and inefficient intersections, generating timing plans to reduce crashes, build efficiency and lower emissions.

The “fund” part of Flow Labs’ mantra “find, fix, fund” is particularly important because the company says it knows where the grants are and it can help its customers find ways to pay for the service.

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