Logical analysis with UrbanLogiq

UrbanLogiq says its mission is to break down data silos and help government agencies of all sizes make the most out of their existing data by bringing together the best of data science, data engineering and big data.
April 27, 2023
Luisa Alvarez of UrbanLogiq
Luisa Alvarez of UrbanLogiq

The company’s easy-to-use data platform creates one common operating picture of each community, empowering public officials to make data-driven decisions faster and cheaper than traditional methods. The UrbanLogiq platform leverages real-time data from multiple sources or formats to provide transportation professionals with actionable insights that help improve the safety, sustainability and equitability of transportation systems.

One of the key advantages of UrbanLogiq is its ability to aggregate and analyse data from multiple sources, allowing transportation professionals to identify trends, patterns and anomalies to help improve safety outcomes. UrbanLogiq normalises this diverse data, enabling agencies to turn complex, fragmented or big data into beautiful geospatial visualisations and actionable insights.

UrbanLogiq also makes it easy to share insights across teams, departments, stakeholders and with an agency’s existing tools. It enables flexible permission levels and configurable access controls to fit the needs of the agency.

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