Michelin provides actionable insights for road managers

Technological advances like artificial intelligence (AI) offer new solutions to chronic issues. Instead of putting faith into a hunch, large amounts of data can be analysed to confirm suspicions or provide new perspectives.
April 27, 2023
Philippe Armand of Michelin
Philippe Armand of Michelin

Michelin Mobility Intelligence (MMI) collects data from vehicles, tyres, and driver experience apps from Michelin group’s activities or strategic partnerships and transforms them to build actionable insights for road managers. These insights help road managers to develop more efficient and cost-effective solutions, improve road infrastructure safety management, and to drive energy efficient and sustainable transformation.

MMI’s data services and solutions are aimed at making infrastructure better, safer, and greener. It is here to showcase two of its latest releases in the Safer Roads suite. The Vulnerable Road Users suite leverages machine learning to identify highly risky areas for vulnerable road users while the Wrong Way Service helps identify where and when wrong-way events have been happening. MMI says it provides a game-changing perspective to go beyond crash data. With near-miss data comes the potential to identify risky zones and act before crashes occur to reach Vision Zero goals.

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