Parsons caught in the iNET

Parson’s smart mobility platform, iNET - short for Intelligent NETworks - helps improve the management, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and safety of transportation networks.
April 26, 2023
Parsons caught in the iNET


It does this, says Parsons, by monitoring and recommending actions using real-time traffic monitoring, predictive analytics, active traffic management, integrated corridor management, dynamic device control, intelligent decision support, artificial intelligence, connected and autonomous vehicle integration, mobile applications and free-language voice response.

The cloud-based system is also sharable. It can be operated by multiple agencies simultaneously, allowing for seamless inter-agency cooperation and more efficient operations.

Parsons says iNET has been making a difference for customers in more than 40 cities, making it the most operated traffic management software in the world. It has been shown to reduce accidents by 40% while increasing traffic flow by 22%. Overall freeway delay is reduced up to 30% and throughput is increased up to 28%.

Importantly, the arrival time of emergency responders is faster by 15% and on the environmental side, carbon monoxide and other emissions-related pollutants are cut by as much as 30%.

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