Perceptive traffic insights from Seoul Robotics

Seoul Robotics has unveiled a comprehensive end-to-end intersection traffic solution here in Grapevine. This cutting-edge system transforms raw data from infrastructure-based 3D sensors to provide actionable insights that drive real-world outcomes for urban mobility.
April 26, 2023
Steven Sheffield of Seoul Robotics
Steven Sheffield of Seoul Robotics

By utilising this technology, municipalities and DOTs can leverage 3D perception data to make informed decisions that have a profound impact on roadway operations, such as optimising traffic signal controllers and deploying digital messaging signs.

The new solution is powered by Seoul Robotics’ patented 3D perception platform, Sensrtft, the industry’s most accurate 3D perception software. It leverages deep learning AI to track, detect and identify pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles simultaneously within 4cm for maximum reliability in ITS deployments. Equipped with dynamic weather-filtering capabilities, Sensr ensures the highest level of accuracy day or night, even in the harshest conditions. Seoul Robotics is a leader in smart city mobility, transforming the way cities move by powering deployments such as the largest smart intersection network in the US, and capturing insights on vehicle movement to detect incidents like wrong-way driving. Visitors to the company’s booth will have an unmissable insight into how the company’s technology will revolutionise the way cities mobilise across the globe.

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