Seoul Robotics to unveil new, first-of-its-kind ITS solution

Seoul Robotics will use the ITS America event to introduce a groundbreaking ITS solution powered by its patented 3D perception platform, SENSR.
April 16, 2023
Seaoul Robotics


At the show, Seoul Robotics will showcase the latest SENSR developments and unveil its innovative new ITS solution that will revolutionise the way cities mobilise. The first-of-its-kind solution will leverage 3D perception like never before to elevate traffic mobility and deliver substantial impact for smart cities across the globe.

The state-of-the-art platform captures unprecedented insights which are used to power intelligent transportation systems, smart cities, smart infrastructure, and more. Global active deployments span from the largest smart intersection network in the United States to capturing insights into how vehicles move throughout a city and detecting instances of wrong-way driving on freeway and highway ramps.

SENSR is Seoul Robotics’ core patented technology, which uses deep learning AI to provide high-resolution environmental insights for a range of ITS applications. Equipped with dynamic weather-filtering capabilities, Sensr ensures the highest level of accuracy indoors and outdoors, day and night, and in all conditions – even heavy snow and rain. The company says the platform is the most accurate 3D perception software on the market and can track, detect, and identify hundreds of objects at once within a 4cm range.

Attendees can visit the Seoul Robotics team to gain a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge technology that is transforming the world of transportation.
Booth: 1222

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