SmartCty brings the best tools for the job

SmartCty, a specialist in traffic infringing, analytics, emergency response, and environmental and social governance, will use the ITS America Annual Meeting & Expo, to highlight important tools.
April 11, 2023
© Yongnian Gui |
© Yongnian Gui |

STAAT (SmartCty Traffic and Analytics Tools) is the interoperable foundation for resilient critical infrastructures.

Using Trafficland’s formidable CCTV nationwide footprint, STAAT provides states, agencies, and businesses with the data needed to mitigate congestion, reduce carbon emissions, eliminate road hazards, improve safety, and ensure resilient critical supply chain infrastructure.

Traffic Misery Index (TMI) blends the collection of citizen sentiment and state-of-the-art geospatial analytics with STAATs verifiable data to allow states and agencies to engage their constituents with informed infrastructure decisions and the reporting mechanisms for proof of concept.

Also being showcased is the company’s SEER tool (Smart Exit and Entrance Ramp). SmartCty says this tool makes highways quicker across all exits and districts.

Using STAATs data analytics, TMIs community sentiment and engagement, and SEER’s automated tool, the company says localities and regions can ease the flow of traffic, reduce the amount of time idled, and provide safer streets for all.

SmartCty says it has deployed some 40,000 CCTV cameras in 70 cities and has been active in 47 of the 50 key transportation markets in the US. Indeed, the company says it is looking forward to  discussing with attendees its limitless capabilities through its growing SmartCityiMaginePartners programme.

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