SmartCTY showcases trio of traffic management solutions

Exhibitor SmartCTY Technologies will be showing off three ITS solutions at this week’s ITS America Conference & Expo in Dallas.
April 26, 2023
© Fang Zheng |
© Fang Zheng |

The SmartCTY Traffic and Analytics Tools (STAAT) works with Trafficland’s nationwide CCTV footprint to provide transportation agencies and businesses with the data they need to mitigate congestion, reduce carbon emissions, eliminate road hazards, improve safety and ensure resilient supply chain infrastructure.

The Traffic Misery Index (TMI) collects citizen sentiment and geospatial analytics to engage with constituents about planned or on-going projects, and the Smart Exit and Entrance Ramp (SEER) Tool helps agencies ease traffic flow for vehicles entering and exiting highways.

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