Yunex Traffic goes 'Back to the Future'

Yunex Traffic has chosen the ITS America Conference & Expo for the launch of its Yutraffic Blade Advanced Traffic Controller Platform for the US market. This next-generation controller platform is capable of easily and efficiently managing traffic with the highest level of security.
April 26, 2023
Iouri Nemirovski of Yunex
Iouri Nemirovski of Yunex

Like the iconic Delorean ‘Back to the Future’ car, the new Yutraffic Blade controller is ready for the future of traffic control. It’s dual-core processor and powerful engine allows for the controller to expand and manage traffic control applications of today and those that haven’t even been developed. It is powerful enough to run multiple advanced solutions and advanced enough to grow and expand with technology.

Its scalable architecture and powerful computing engine simplify complex intersection management and consolidates traffic solutions into a single platform, allowing the system to grow and expand as future technologies are adopted.

The device features a 7” colour touchscreen monitor, hot swappable dual power supplies and customisable analytics stored directly on the controller.

Among its capabilities, the Yutraffic Blade can manage C-V2X technologies and applications such as pedestrian and wrong-way detection, provide travel time and origin and destination data, using its WiFi capability. Yunex says that it is the only controller on the market that arms traffic engineers with historical intersection data and advanced analytics. They can optimse timing plans without the need for expensive third-party reporting solutions.

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