Kapsch TrafficCom announces Florida VRU safety win

Kapsch TrafficCom is showing off its ITS and tolling solutions at ITS America 2024. And in a timely move, it has won a $3.5m deal with Pinellas County in Florida.
April 25, 2024
ITS America 2024
ITS America 2024

The ATCMTD-sponsored project to improve mobility and safety is funded by a $4.6m Federal Highway Administration grant. Kapsch will implement an intersection safety solution to reduce vulnerable road user incidents at selected intersections.

Pinellas County has the highest percentage of pedestrian-involved crashes and fatalities in Florida, with around 3% of all crashes involving a pedestrian.

The project will also target the problem of increasing congestion along major arterials, with Kapsch deploying a decision-support system that combines predictive analytics with load balancing algorithms to predict the likelihood of near-term traffic disturbances and proactively reduce congestion. By providing drivers with routing information at key decision points, vehicles will be distributed more effectively between primary and parallel arterials.

Project director Jeff Adler, VP of solution consulting at Kapsch TrafficCom, says: “This will be our first project in North America to deploy a solution that fully incorporates our entire traffic product portfolio, making traffic safer and reducing pedestrian accidents.”

The ATCMTD project will be deployed by the end of 2024, and will be followed by a year of system monitoring and calibration.

Also, Kapsch director of business development, emerging technologies and markets, Raman Jafroudi will take part in a panel discussion titled C-V2X and Digital Infrastructure: City of Montreal Case Study today.

This discussion aims to shed light on the implementation and impact of V2X and digital intersection infrastructure in the Canadian city.

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