Iteris monitors intersection without sensors

Iteris is demonstrating Signal Trends, its new set of probe data-based metrics within the ClearGuide traffic analytics software solution. It is designed to help agencies reduce congestion by identifying deterioration at the traffic signal level without reliance on infrastructure.
April 23, 2024
Tiffany Symes of Iteris
Tiffany Symes of Iteris

This latest suite of tools allows agencies to identify signal maintenance or traffic congestion problems at more intersections, including those without traffic sensors installed. It does this by using anonymised trajectory data from cloud-connected vehicles to provide signal performance visibility across regions or corridors, spotting issues and swiftly notifying operators of abnormal conditions.

Using Signal Trends, agencies can adopt a data-driven, rather than calendar-based, approach to signal retiming on all signalised intersections nationwide, without costly data collection. The approach allows for the rapid discovery of delays to help improve traveller satisfaction, even in situations where field device communication is limited.

Signal Trends integrates seamlessly with ClearGuide Roadways and SPM (signal performance measures), collectively generating reports, alerts and recommendations to remotely manage all traffic signals and arterials in a single user interface. Iteris offers both probe SPM and controller-based automated signal performance measures (ATSPM) solutions.

Tiffany Symes, senior director of product management at Iteris, said: “With Signal Trends, Iteris continues to expand its intersection offerings to create the industry’s most complete solution for intersection operations, maintenance and safety.”

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