Kiss goodbye to silos with Q- Free’s Kinetic Mobility

As ITS America 2024 opens its doors, visitors to Q-Free’s booth can see the ‘demolition’ of transportation silos in action in the form of Kinetic Mobility. The modular system is said to transcend operational boundaries and demolish the silos that hamper traffic management and intelligent transportation systems.
April 23, 2024
Aaron Evans of Q-Free
Aaron Evans of Q-Free

Whether it is hardware that won’t communicate with software, data that doesn’t transfer between different vendors’ products or local intersections isolated from intercity or regional operations, Kinetic Mobility is designed to unify ATMS operations at all levels.

Q-Free describes the system as a comprehensive, holistic solution that facilitates collaboration, communication and connectivity among communities, regions and vendors to maximise performance by integrating detectors, signals, cameras and signs and to automate workflows. In doing so, it improves safety and response times, enables proactive response to recurring conditions and frees up operators to focus on complex scenarios that require adaptive thinking and manual intervention.

Mix and match Kinetic modules include: Corridors (integrated corridor management), Counts (traffic counts and classification), Events (event detection, management and response), Signals, Signs and Video (both distribution and wall).

The combination of these modules allows agencies of all sizes to tailor a comprehensive solution to meet operational needs. Combined with cloud-hosted infrastructure and flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) billing, Q-Free says advanced traffic management systems have never been more accessible.

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