Q-Free celebrates 40th birthday in Phoenix

Join Q-Free as it celebrates its 40th anniversary at the forefront of ITS in Phoenix. Its story is one of pioneering innovation and visionary leadership.
April 24, 2024
Mark Talbot & team
Mark Talbot & team

Since its establishment in 1984, Q-Free has been a driving force in shaping the landscape of smart mobility. From the inception of the first multi-lane free flow tolling solution to its latest milestone achievement, the revolutionary Kinetic Mobility platform, Q-Free has consistently demonstrated a commitment to removing barriers in transportation and fostering a safe, sustainable and “queue free” driving experience.

At this year’s ITS America Conference & Expo, attendees can experience first-hand the latest evolution of Q-Free’s technological prowess.

The company describes its latest innovation, Kinetic Mobility, as “the first Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to seamlessly and intuitively manage both freeway and arterial street operations in a single system.” By integrating devices and data, Kinetic Mobility enables agencies to optimise transportation networks at the local, intercity and regional levels.

Delegates can learn more about the impact of Kinetic Mobility in the largest multi-agency ITS initiative in the US, the CV Sync project in California’s Coachella Valley, at the Q-Free booth.

Central to Q-Free’s commitment to manufacturing excellence, its ATC traffic signal controllers are made and sourced in the US and are fully Buy America, Build America compliant and offer short lead times.

So, get along to Q-Free’s booth as it celebrates four decades of innovation and raise a toast to the next 40 years of transformative progress.

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