Yunex Traffic to exhibit the key to the future of Intelligent Transportation

The promise of a brighter and more efficient future will see delegates drawn to ITS America 2024 in the Phoenix Convention Center and to Yunex Traffic’s booth. There the company will unveil its latest innovations which promise to unlock the future of traffic management: Yutraffic Studio, Blade and Fusion, plus new V2X technology.
March 21, 2024
Yunex Traffic to exhibit the key to the future of Intelligent Transportation

Yutraffic Studio empowers traffic professionals by enabling remote control, incident management and precise emission modelling without physical detectors on-site. The company says the cloud-hosted system is a gateway to a transformative era in traffic management, featuring enhanced cybersecurity and a scalable architecture allowing it to transcend conventional boundaries. As cities evolve, Studio is said to unlock a future where traffic flows seamlessly, emissions fade and safety prevails.

Yutraffic Blade, an IoT platform said to be taking the industry by storm, will also be on display. This next generation controller combines edge-computing technology with a traditional Advanced Transportation Controller which is said to build a bridge to future technologies to provide tomorrow’s intersections today.

New to the line-up is Yutraffic Fusion. Tagged as the key to smarter streets, it is a completely new Adaptive Signal Control solution that uses data from multiple sources and advanced decision-making approaches to control and optimise road networks for all road users.

Also introduced at the show will be CV2X. This system extends the company’s commitment beyond vehicles to safeguards pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users. It’s the guardian angel of intersections, predicting potential collisions and alerting drivers.

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