Aisin gears up for connected mobility

Innovation for better connected mobility is what drives Aisin as it contributes to carbon neutrality, mobility for all as well as safety and security.
September 19, 2022
© Simone Hogan |
© Simone Hogan |

The company recently announced that its BluE Nexus joint venture has developed the 1-motor hybrid transmission for Toyota’s new Crown Crossover RS to be released by the end of the year.

The 1-motor hybrid transmission integrates the newly designed Direct Shift-6AT with a driving motor and an inverter. It is characterised by high acceleration performance and contributes to increasing fuel efficiency.

BluE Nexus - a joint venture by Aisin and Denso, both owned by Toyota Group - builds powertrain systems for electric vehicles. The main product from BluE Nexus is the e-Axle, which integrates an electric motor, gears and inverter.

Aisin has been manufacturing in the US since 1989 and now has a testing facility in Michigan – Asin’s first in North America.

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