Google extends innovation to the public sector

Google is bringing the power of simplicity and analytics to the public sector. The same technology that is behind Google Search, Maps, YouTube and other Google products is being applied to support public sector agencies in their strategic mission areas.
September 21, 2022
Monali Shah of Google
Monali Shah of Google

As Google Public Sector’s Head of Industry Solutions, Monali Shah, says: “Technology and innovation don’t need to be risky. Google is at a point where there have been so many proven examples of better insights for decision-making, less manual work, lower costs and higher job satisfaction.”  

For instance, Hawaii DOT is taking an integrated approach to insights for climate resilience, safety and equity. These insights are supporting prioritisation of investments and transparent communication with the public.

Utah has used Google technology to streamline business processes and drive efficiency. And Colorado has created an advanced analytics platform for connected vehicle data, work zone exchange and traffic operations. According to Shah, these agencies are taking bold and practical steps forward to meet the challenges of today and to be ready for the future.

So how can agencies bring the network and scale of Google to their transportation agency? “It boils down to our ability to ingest any type of data source at scale, then rationalise that data via a single pane of glass, by DOT discipline or functional area,” Shah said.

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