The future of mobility is bright at Q-Free

Q-Free is showcasing its pride in collaboration and innovation with live demos of Kinetic Mobility – the company’s transformative platform for advanced traffic management. And the future looks bright.
September 21, 2022
Bethany Craig & Trisha Tunilla of Q-Free
Bethany Craig & Trisha Tunilla of Q-Free

Unlike competing systems that are largely disparate, stitched together systems masquerading as a single solution, Q-Free says the new Kinetic applications were all built on a common, modern platform. The single, web-based platform brings traffic management data, tools, and teams together to tackle challenges across local, intercity, regional, and statewide operations. This allows users the unrivalled opportunity to deploy a solution focused on overarching mobility goals rather than traditionally siloed operations.

“Simply speaking, Kinetic Mobility helps traffic operators make better decisions more efficiently and consistently,” said Q-Free ATMS EVP of Technology Dan Skiffington. The system was designed to help operators maintain a bird’s-eye view of system health, respond quickly and consistently to real-time conditions, and improve overall performance through rich analytics and insights.

“Ultimately, our system was designed by users for users,” Skiffington stated. “Each of our four new applications being introduced at the show – event management, sign control, video management, and traffic counts – have a shared interface reducing the learning curve, expediting response times, and improving road safety.”

Best of all, the platform is scalable and technology-rich making it accessible to agencies of all sizes. To boot, Kinetic applications are available as software as a service (SaaS), lowering the price of entry and ongoing maintenance costs.

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